I grew up on a farm between Alberta and Chokio with my parents and 7 siblings. My dad was a farmer, and my mom was a full time caregiver raising the eight of us. Our parents raised us to care deeply about our community, and to advocate for our neighbors with the greatest needs. I have lived in west central Minnesota almost my entire life. I live here because I love rural life, the beauty, and the people. I have been married for 46 years, and raised my two children in Morris. I am the proud grandmother of 8 grandchildren. 

I have dedicated my life and career to supporting families, young children and the caregivers in our community that make our economy thrive and Minnesota an amazing place to live. I am a lifelong rural advocate, ensuring decisions made at the state level directly impact the lives of people in our community. 

For the past 20 years I have served as the Director of Early Childhood at West Central Initiative. I have created partnerships across our district that ensure families have access to the resources they need to raise healthy children. Our early childhood system supports the economic development our state needs – especially now. 

I have a long history representing our district to build statewide initiatives, ensuring rural perspectives are heard and addressed. I’ve served as an Advisor of the Women’s Economic Security Task Force, was appointed the Chairperson for the Minnesota Early Learning Council, and have worked as a child care provider, an early childhood special education professional and an early childhood advocate on countless coalitions. I am a graduate of the University of Minnesota, Morris. 

Together we can create the community we need for our district to thrive. I am running because I care deeply about little children, their families and their start in life. I care deeply about the elderly, our earth, education and most importantly, because I care deeply about the people in my district and across the State.

Will you join me today? I want to hear what you want and need. I want to represent you. With your support we can win this together.

Prepared and paid for by Nancy Jost for Minnesota • PO Box 1042 • Fergus Falls, MN 56538